Google Custom Search Engine

 Google Site Search options.

Custom Search Engine (free) and Google Site Search (from $100/year).

What is  difference between  Search Engine for Site and Google Site Search?

Before I got answer from Google support I find it on the developers area.

Custom Search Engine comes in two flavors: Custom Search Engine (free) and Google Site Search (from $100/year).

Google Site Search lets you create search engines that do not include ads, remove Google branding (if you so choose). In addition, Google Site Search customers can retrieve results in XML, so that you have more control over how the results are presented to your users.

For Google Site Search customers only:

If you have a Google Site Search license, you can use the Google WebSearch service to retrieve and display Google search results on your own websites. The WebSearch service uses a simple HTTP-based protocol to serve search results. Google then returns search results in XML format.

View the XML reference guide.

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